The demolition boss was in charge of the demolition of the Savannah Hotel.

Physical appearance

The demolition boss is a tall Caucasian male with brown hair, a mustache, and a short stubble beard. He wears a slate blue shirt with the sleeves rolled up and a long-sleeve white shirt underneath. The boss also wears grey pants, an orange and yellow construction vest, and a white hard hat.


The demolition boss appreciates amateur magic, but detests Penn & Teller for revealing secrets behind magic tricks.


Scooby-Doo and Guess Who?

Season one

The demolition boss was in charge of rigging the explosives needed to demolish the Savannah Hotel. One of his workers was attacked by the Ghost of Madds Markson, prompting him to warn Mystery Inc. against spending the night in the doomed hotel. After Penn & Teller arrived to join the gang for the last night at the Savannah, he offered to do a magic trick for them. Penn refused, but the boss proceeded to pull out a deck of cards and attempt a trick anyway. After the trick failed, Penn revealed that he had a card hidden up his sleeve. Teller then performed a trick that made the boss's mustache turn into a butterfly, which Penn also revealed the secret of. Furious over the duo's constant sharing of magic secrets, he left while telling them that he hoped they fell victim to the ghost.


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