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Delilah Domino was the chief of security at the amusement park, KISS World.

Physical appearance

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Early life

Delilah Domino unmasked

Delilah unmasked.

She worked for a defense company before working at KISS World. She was previously fired from Quest Research Laboratories before getting a job at the defense company. The gadgets she wore when dressed as the witch were based on equipment stolen from Quest.

Scooby-Doo! and KISS: Rock and Roll Mystery

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  • "Delilah" comes from the KISS song, "Modern Day Delilah" (played just before the end credits of the film roll), released in 2009, and "Domino" comes from their song of the same name, released in 1992.
  • She called herself "chief of security" and then referred to by others as "head of security".

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