This article is about Shaggy Rogers' ancestor. For the ghost impersonator, see Ghost of Dapper Jack Rogers.

"Dapper Jack" Rogers was an ancestor of Shaggy Rogers, from the Old West. He died on May 17, 1867.

Physical appearance

Being Shaggy's ancestor, Dapper Jack had an accordingly similar appearance, as he was a tall, thin Caucasian male, with light brown hair and a brown goatee much thicker than Shaggy's. He wears a cowboy hat, a red bandanna around his neck and a brown coat. Also, he almost always seemed to have a courageous and fearless facial expression, unlike Shaggy's usual fearful demeanor.


The kindest man in Sorghum City, his life came to a tragic end when he was framed and later murdered by the corrupt sheriff, Rufus Carmichael. After Mystery Inc. revealed the truth about him, the real ghost of Dapper Jack gave his descendant a grateful tip of the hat.

Skills and abilities

He's an amazing horseback rider and gunslinger, which is inherited by his descendant Shaggy Rogers.


Early life

In life, he along with his dog Atlas were the kindest duo in Sorghum City. Because of their kindness the people look up to and respect them. However, Sheriff Rufus Carmicheal grew jealous of their reputation, and resolves to take it from him. He framed Dapper Jack for cattle rustling, which the people believed, and they distance themselves from him. But Rufus didn't stop there, he cornered Dapper Jack and was challenged to a draw. Unfortunately for Jack, he was not as fast as the sheriff and that was when his life ended. Rufus continued to frame Dapper Jack, by committing crimes in Sorghum City. Over 100 years later, the city tells stories about how Jack was the most evil person in Sorghum City.

Scooby-Doo! Shaggy's Showdown

Kyle dressed up as his ghost to scare people away, so Rafe could buy their land to turn it into a resort. However, his plan was foiled by Mystery Inc and Jack's descendant Shaggy Rogers. By the time the villains were arrested, the truth about Jack was uncovered, and when the gang left Sorghum City, Shaggy and Scooby-Doo saw his real ghost on horseback. He gave his descendant a tip of the hat, showing how proud he is before fading away.