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The Daphne Blake impostor is a member of the Mystery Inc. impostors criminal gang that commits crimes while pretending to solve them, exploiting the reputation of the real Mystery Inc.

Physical appearance

She is made up to look like Daphne Blake, but she wears a reddish-orange wig over her short dark hair. Her clothing is similar to Daphne's but her hairband is black instead of purple.


She is a trained acrobat, like the Shaggy Rogers impostor, and is very confident - almost to the point of narcissism - in her athletic skills. Her husband, the Fred Jones impostor, calls her "feisty".

Skills and abilities

She spent years as a circus acrobat and she is highly competent at riding a unicycle.


Scooby-Doo (DC Comics)

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Fred impostor: We could never have done it without your expertise on the unicycle. You're so graceful.
Daphne impostor: After all those years I spent training with the circus, what did you expect.
Fred impostor: Feisty, too. I guess that's why I married you." (impostors kiss)