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* Physical appearance; clothing.
* History.

Daphne Blake is a new student at Ridge Valley High School. She is best friends with Velma Dinkley, who she met online.

Physical appearance

Daphne is a slim, female teenager with wavy orange hair with side-swept bangs, an upturned nose, and tanned skin. She is always on top of the latest styles, with an affinity for stylish purple clothes and green accessories.


Daphne is a great believer in the supernatural. She originally believed everything everything is the result of some phenomena, but Velma taught her to look at things from a logical view point. For virtually all her life, Daphne lived under the pretense that she was the luckiest girl alive, but this was due to her father (and a bit of her mother), secretly sheltering her and controlling things around to make it seem that way, even her fabulous wardrobe was put together by the secret monitoring of her father through a faux "Clothe Me Closet," although she still has an eye for fashion, she just has never been able to apply to herself properly. Despite her strong ambitions in uncovering the truth, this apparently can be easily undone by the distraction of pizza.


Daphne & Velma

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