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This article is about Daphne Blake in the TV series Be Cool, Scooby-Doo! For other incarnations, see Daphne Blake (disambiguation).

Daphne Blake is the quirky and wide-eyed member of the gang of teen mystery-solvers.

Physical appearance

Daphne is an attractive, teenaged Caucasian female, with shoulder-length orange hair, with bangs. She wears purple short-sleeved top and dress, with light purple rims, as well as, a dark purple headband, a green scarf, and pink high tops, with purple socks up to her ankles. She has a slim figure.


Daphne is outgoing and optimistic. She is always trying something new that might make her seem "kooky" on the surface, but likely what she has never had the chance to do and wants to find out what she would be good at, as she has a list, putting some context into it.[2] However, since she does this during mysteries, it can be an annoyance to leader, Fred Jones, who finds it to be a hindrance and can get quite infuriated with her, while she doesn't see anything wrong with it. Occasionally, he will be tolerable, though, such as letting her roller skate as his assistant in a magic act.[2] Velma Dinkley doesn't think it's best to indulge her by acknowledging what she is doing.[3][4] She has even wanted to avoid her altogether when splitting up.[5] Velma hasn't always remained quiet, however, especially when Daphne thought she could qualify as a lawyer by completing a video game app.[6]

Daphne's mother may be the result for most of her desire to take on, sometimes wild, activities.

Despite these "flaws", she is always there to perk the gang up (as a metaphorical cheerleader, or on one occasion a mascot)[7] when they have doubts of even being able to solve the mystery they are on, usually through the Du Jour she has chosen for that occasion, and sometimes see the clue(s) to solving the mystery (much to Fred's and Velma's chagrin).


Early life

When Daphne was little, her mother forced her into Little Miss Wow! Pageants, which she felt was demeaning and had a very tough coach.[8]

Daphne was childhood friends with Bradwick Haverall, who apparently developed feelings for her as time passed, although Daphne was unaware of this.[9]

Fred once threw a snowball at her and she secretly never got over it, biding her time until she could get her revenge.[10]

Be Cool, Scooby-Doo!

Season one

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Season two

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Insert details here. (Professor Huh? Part 1)

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  • Technically, Daphne has not appeared in every episode, but she did have a virtually identical old Victorian version in Scroogey Doo; in Greece is the Word, she also had a Ancient Greece version, but the regular Daphne also appeared in that.
  • Daphne was seen as a Rapunzel type who's upbringing was her castle.[11]
  • She was written closer to Grey Griffin's own personality.[11]
  • Daphne was only danger-prone in the first episode, since it didn't fit the character any longer, who had been given so much personality, that it was no longer required.[11]
  • This Daphne claims she doesn't have any sisters, which actually fits in line with the original incarnation who has yet to reveal any siblings.
  • Daphne is the first member of the gang to have one of their parents mentioned.
  • This incarnation of Daphne doesn't wear long sleeves and pink stockings. 
  • This is the only incarnation of Daphne who primarily sits in the back of the Mystery Machine with Shaggy and Scooby-Doo. 
  • Daphne is incredibly cruel to Velma in Pizza O'Possum's, by forcing her to get to play a video game (something she was obsessed with as a child), to capture Pizza O'Possum, then has the nerve to tell her to stop playing once it's captured. Because of these uncharacteristic traits, creator and story editor, Jon Colton Barry, objected to them being canon, as Pizza O'Possum's and The Curse of Half-Beard's Booty were simply tests for a failed redo of what a third season could be.
  • Out of all of Daphne's incarnations, this one is arguably the least mature and intelligent, although this appears to vary by the episode, and many of her "quirks" reveal that she is multi-talented in diverse fields ranging from music and puppetry to mime and accents.
    • It is implied in the episodes Gremlin on a Plane, Eating Crow and Greece is the Word that this incarnation of Daphne Blake would have low self-esteem, which would explain why this incarnation of Daphne Blake is more immature than the other versions of her.
      • This may be a result of what happened to her in the past as it is revealed in the episode Worst in Show that she participated in the beauty contest "Little Miss Wow! Pageant" under pressure from her mother. This may imply that this version of Mrs. Blake is more controlling, proud, authoritarian and cruel than her other incarnations, as revealed in the episode Giant Problems in which Daphne mentions to Velma that she could not use a certain phrase because her mother could sue her for copyright and she had lawyers everywhere.

In other languages

Actor Language Notes
Flávia Saddy Brazilian Portuguese
Domitilla D'Amico Italian
Beata Jankowska-Tzimas Polish
Lee Ju-Hee Korean

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