Danny is a part of the zoo attraction at the 3 Stooges Ghost Town.

Physical appearance

Danny is a dromedary, a camel with one hump on its back. He has tan fur at the end of its tail.


Not much can be said about Danny, expect that it seems at seems peace in its cage.


Early life

He was being let out of his cage at night, along with the other animals. This was presumably Amos Crunch and/or Rhino's doing, so the Three Stooges would be preoccupied with rounding up the animals, while they secretly mined for uranium.

The New Scooby-Doo Movies

Season one

During one of those times, Mystery Inc. were lost in the desert and drove by Danny, an alligator (Gentle Gertrude, and an orangutan (Ngogi). After crashing into a sand dune, they witnessed the Three Stooges clumsily catching Ngogi, after which they mentioned about rounding up Danny and Gentle Gertrude. Mystery Inc. went back to the amusement park with the Stooges, where the latter gave formal introductions to the animals, where Danny was already asleep (or, at least, resting his eyes).



  • Danny is, perhaps, not entirely accurate, but more of an approximation of a dromedary.
  • The first time Danny is seen one of his eyes are visibly open, but they've been given no detail, appearing as if it's been blacked out.
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