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* Physical appearance; clothing.
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Danica LeBlake is a former French fashion model, and Daphne Blake's cousin and Guy L'Avorton's girlfriend.

Physical appearance

Aside from having long black hair instead of long red hair, Danica looks identical to her American-cousin, Daphne. Also, when it comes to clothes, Danica's outfits are basically just palette-swapped versions of Daphne's outfits (predominantly light purple with smaller sections in a darker shade of purple).


Despite her status as a top fashion model, Danica secretly hated her job and wished to have a more normal life like her American cousin, Daphne (though the life Daphne lives is quite the contrary). Evidently, she is also ticklish, as she laughed hard when Scooby tickled her when she was under the gargoyle disguise.


What's New, Scooby-Doo?

Season three

Danica unmasked.

She wanted to get out of modeling, so she dressed up like a gargoyle, setting up her own capture to have a quiet life like Daphne then she could let Brooke be model of the year. Danica used a mud mask Daphne had sent her as part of her gargoyle costume, which is why Daphne realized she was the monster.