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* Physical appearance; clothing.
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Danica LeBlake is a former French fashion model, and Daphne Blake's cousin.

Physical appearance

Danica is a tall and young Caucasian female who physically resembles Daphne with her slim, hourglass-shaped figure. In differences, she has long, ravenous jet-black hair and her clothes are essentially a "color-inverted" scheme of Daphne's (predominant light purple with minor sections in a darker purple tone).


She secretly doesn't like her modeling job, and hopes to have a normal life much like her cousin Daphne. Evidently, she is also ticklish, as she laughed hard when Scooby tickled her when she was under the gargoyle disguise.


What's New, Scooby-Doo?

Season three

Danica LeBlake unmasked

Danica unmasked.

She wanted to get out of modeling, so she dressed up like a gargoyle, setting up her own capture to have a quiet life like Daphne. Danica used a mud mask Daphne had sent her as part of her gargoyle costume, which is why Daphne realized she was the monster.


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