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Dale Dinkley co-owned the Crystal Cove Spook Museum with his wife Angie. Together, they have one daughter, Velma.

Physical appearance

Dale is a heavyset, middle-aged Caucasian male. He wears a turtleneck like Velma, but has a V stripe on it, and wears an orange overcoat with sport trousers that would usually be worn in a game of cricket. He also wears orange-tinted glasses.


He and his wife both try to keep their daughter from talking about the ghosts being fakes, thinking it will spoil their tourist business.[1]


Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season one

He and Angie interrupted Velma from revealing that the monsters of Crystal Cove were only criminals in costumes, because it would ruin their business.[1]

He watched as Velma got ready for the prom and his wife took a picture. He appeared disappointed when she put on her turtleneck sweater over her dress.[2]

He and his wife came to get Velma out of jail after the gang had been caught creeping around City Hall at night. They also showed up to take Velma home, after the Freak was caught.[3]

Season two

Under the threat of the Kriegstaffebots, he was among the citizens put to work by Professor Pericles to excavate beneath the town in the hopes of finding the Evil Entity's seal. The gang sneaked in and engineered an uprising, which allowed them to escape.[4]

He was likely consumed by the Evil Entity when it came to the surface of the town.[5]


In the climax of the Nibiru event, the Evil Entity was sucked into a black hole, erasing its negative influence on the town and its people. Therefore, effectively ended his career at the Spook Museum.[5]



  • His name is revealed in the end credits in the two episodes he speaks. He has never been named on-screen, even in Dark Night of the Hunters, Angie just referred to him as "Mr. Dinkley."

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