Daisy Blake is one of Daphne's older quadruple sisters. She was a medical doctor in the pre-Nibiru timeline.

Physical appearance

Daisy is an adult Caucasian, with shoulder-length orange hair and purple eyes. In the original timeline, she was beautiful and wore a doctor's coat, with a stethoscope around her neck. However, when the timeline changed, she lost her glamorous visage, and was now wearing a long sleeved, white turtle neck shirt with pink pants and purple shoes. She also wears big glasses.[1]


She was condescending and snooty to her sister Daphne, rudely comparing her wealthy fiancé to Daphne's "trap-maker," Fred Jones, Jr. (who she had technically broken up with at the time). She was also rude to others also; she called Velma Dinkley, "Thelma," and when the latter tried to correct her, she replied, "Don't care."[2] This does not seem to be the case in the new timeline.[1]


Early life

Like her three identical sisters, Daisy graduated from Darrow University by the time she was thirteen.[3]

She had been engaged.[4]

Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season one

Daisy, Dorothy, and Dawn Blake scared

Frightened by the Red Wizard.

Daphne's parents didn't approve of her friendship with the gang, wishing she'd have have rich careers like her sisters. When Daphne heard the Mystery Machine for school, she said goodbye to her sisters, who just stood in a row posing.[5]

Daisy attended the dinner party for Mr. Wang, but it was interrupted by the Red Wizard. She hid under the table like everyone else.[6]

Season two

The Hodag of Horror entered her home and robbed her of jewelry, including an expensive ruby necklace from her neurosurgeon fiance, and a cheap bell necklace that she had forgotten was from Daphne. She called Daphne for help, but when she and Velma came to investigate, she was only rude to them.[2]

She was likely consumed by the Evil Entity that was above the town.[1]


Underachieving Blake sisters

Post-Nibiru, the quadruplets are now failed underacheivers. Daisy is the third, left to right.

After the Evil Entity was sucked into a black hole, it set a chain reaction that removed its negative influence, and in doing so, Daisy, along with Daphne's other sisters, were no longer holding their successful careers, making Daphne look better by comparison, as Daphne's parents were planning her marriage to Fred.[1]



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