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The Daemon Ritus is the ancient magical relic that absorbs the victim's protoplasm.

The Daemon Ritus is the key to conquer Earth by the hands of ancient demons, after completing the evil "Darkopolypse Ritual". A corrupted Scrappy-Doo used the relic to control the demons, morph into a giant, powerful monster, and try to destroy Mystery Inc., with obvious failure. It is unknown what became of it after the movie, but it is now most likely powerless without the demons to sustain it.

Physical appearance

It has three forms:

Being Fully closed which looks like a pyramid.

Being Halfly Opened which looks like the net for a square based pyramid.

Being Fully Opened which resembles a star.


Scooby-Doo: The Movie

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Powers With Abilities

Protoplasmic Soul Absorption: One is placed for preparations of overtaking a body or bodies for possession, by use of The Ancient-Daemon-Ritus Device.

Telekinesis Air Source: A collection of thousands of heads from the protoplasm vat that rises entirely up like a tornado form like a giant whirlpool as all of the protoplasm of their entire heads are being sucked Into The Daemon Ritus.

Transmutation: It can transform on Scrappy Cornelius Doo into the same copy of the Spooky Island Demons as The Demons stand about twice as tall as a normal human being in which they have an extremely lean and emaciated appearance which contrasts with their great physical strength. Their skin is purplish-red in color while their eyes are bright green. They have dog-like faces, digitigrade legs, five-fingered hands equipped with large claws, a mouth filled with sharp teeth, black spots, three pairs of short horns adorning the head and a pair of very Long-Rabbit-Like Ears. Scrappy's transformation is obtained after consuming his uncle Scooby's pure soul and having unlimited extraordinary powers and the same powers as his Spooky Island Demons have.

Demons: The Demons were quite resilient, able to take punishment without much complaint. For this reason, they can only safely operate at night. They also have a green, smoke-like breath that could knock out victims for possession. However, it's possible for them to counter this weakness due to their ability to possess the bodies of other creatures, such as humans, thus allowing them to withstand the sun. They use a magical device known as the Daemon Ritus to extract the protoplasmic spirits from their potential hosts' bodies so that the Demons can possess them, as they cannot do so otherwise. When a Demon possesses someone, the host's body will display the same powers that the Demon had in its original form, such as superhuman strength and jumping ability.

Mind Control And Possession: Spooky Island Demons are under Scrappy-Doo's control.

Disintegration Ray Beam: It could permanently destroy Mystery Incorporated.