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* Physical appearance; clothing.
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Cuthbert[1] Crawls was an attorney of Colonel Beauregard Sanders. His partner was Cosgood Creeps.

Physical appearance

Cuthbert is a middle-aged Caucasian male, with black hair.


Cuthbert was strange and creepy. In addition, he was demonstrated to be short-sighted when he and his co-conspirators were so bent on their revenge on the gang that he failed to notice the presence of gas reserves near the castle that could've resulted in a more profitable venture than seeking revenge on the gang.


Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!

Season one

Creeps (left) and Crawls unmasked

When the late Colonel Beauregard Sanders' heirs, comprised of several relatives and Scooby-Doo, arrived at his house for the reading of his will, attorney Cosgood Creeps greeted them and informed the group that his colleague Mr. Crawls was unable to attend. After the reading of the will, Creeps apparently left the island.

After the gang trapped the green ghosts, the ghosts were revealed to be Sanders' attorneys Mr. Creeps and Mr. Crawls, who conspired to scare all the heirs away from the mansion so that they could take control of the Sanders fortune. The police officer arrests them, stating that they will need lawyers.[2]

Scooby-Doo! Frankencreepy

He teamed up with C.L. Magnus, Mama Mione, and Lila to get revenge on Mystery Inc. He first disguised himself as Cuthbert Crawley, Velma Dinkley's family lawyer. Then, he was Inspector Krunch until he was caught by the Scooby gang. After he was captured, he revealed how the villains integrated into the town to maintain their cover. Cuthbert was then shocked to hear from Velma that he and his allies could of made a fortune from selling the gas under the castle instead of taking revenge.[1]

Crawls unmasked as Inspector Krunch.



  • The Cuthbert Crawley disguise is simply a slight alteration in name, it doesn't involve an actual mask hiding his true appearance. Either he's incredibly brave, very stupid, or more apparent, he was hoping the gang would've got amnesia. What is even more odd, they talked about the Phantom Shadows case not moments before meeting Crawley.


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