Curt Crunch is the son of Malachi Crunch and the twin brother of Connie Crunch.

Physical appearance

Curt is a Caucasian pre-teen male, and has strawberry blond hair. He wears a full sleeved black and blue shirt with an M on it (possibly the first name of his father), brown pants and wears white sneakers.


Curt, like his sister Connie, is rather concerned for their father, and only wishes he considers retiring from wrestling.


What's New, Scooby-Doo?

Season three

Curt and Connie Crunch unmasked.

He, along with his sister, pleaded his father to quit wrestling so that he doesn't injure himself. 

He and his sister, Connie, dressed up like the Titanic Twist, attacking the gang, throwing a trailer down a rocky hill, and destroyed his father's exhibit at the museum.

Then, they showed their father the damage to his exhibit, to make him believe the Titanic Twist was after him.

They were later unmasked when they were captured. Because they only intended to protect his father, they were forgiven and Malachi agreed to retire from wrestling.