Our motto is 'to serve and protect,' not 'to serve and protect from Man-Crabs'!

Sheriff Bronson Stone, Revenge of the Man Crab

The Crystal Cove Police Department is the main law enforcement agency of Crystal Cove. Its headquarters is where Sheriff Bronson Stone works and where arrested culprits are first taken to.


Former staff


Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season one

The gang was briefly jailed there after a successful case, for their 'vigilante' crime-solving.[1]

Alice May was freed from her cell there by Mr. E's henchman.[2]

The gang reported the attack of the Fright Hound there, but they weren't believed.[3]

The Wild Brood bikers were held there.[4]

The gang stopped by there after Sheriff Stone was fired and they collected the things from his desk from Deputy Bucky.[5]

Season two

People who were compelled to destroy their own property in their sleep by the Dreamweaver were held there.[6]

Mr. E attempted to have the gang arrested for breaking into Destroido with security footage to prove it, but Mayor Nettles denied having a player to watch it so he was denied. After he left, the gang discussed a plan to capture the Scarebear. (Scarebear)

When the gang returned from Yucatán, Sheriff Stone explained that everyone had been swallowed by the ground and at that moment the ground shook and swallowed him and the mayor, but the gang were spared because it was attracted to sound. (Gates of Gloom)



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