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Crystal Cove City Hall is where the Crystal Cove mayor's office is located.


Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season one

Mayor Jones summoned Fred to City Hall to put him to work on his reelection campaign. The crystal doorknobs at the building were quickly stolen however, causing the gang to suspect the Mayor's rival, George Avocados and prompting them to set a trap for the Ghost Truck that involved a large shark tank in the lobby. While the trap initially caught the Mayor by mistake, Fred trapped the Ghost Truck by causing it to crash through the entrance into the building.[1]

The gang went to talk to the Mayor in his office about the dangers of the Humungonauts. He told them he already had a plan—to invite the beasts to stomp valuable loot in the Crystal Cove Stadium, and sell tickets. Fred was upset that his father was building a trap without him.[2]

Aphrodite nearly got herself crowned Queen of Crystal Cove at a ceremony staged there.[3]

The Mayor called the gang into his office to ask for their help against the Manticore that was haunting Creepy Spooky Terror Land.[4]

The gang was in the Mayor's office when they planned their strategy against the haunt at his home.[5]

The Piranha-Goat tried to steal plans from City Hall and was captured near it.[6]

After growing suspicious of Mayor Jones, the gang went to City Hall at night to search his office, using his keys to gain entry. Velma found a secret compartment in his desk that contained an old scroll depicting the complete Planispheric Disk. A picture of Fred's mother was accidentally broken, revealing to him that it was actually just a photo of a woman that had been clipped out of a magazine. The Freak appeared as they were making their way out of the building which caused them to run, but Sheriff Stone was outside and arrested them for breaking into the building.[7]

Season two

The new mayor, Janet Nettles, took over the office. Velma, in disguise, approached the new Mayor to convince her to reassemble the scattered members of the gang. The mayor then presented them in an public event at City Hall about the Crybaby Clown where they were cheered by residents, but Crybaby Clown interrupted the meeting and set off a gas bomb in the building.[8]

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Mayor Nettles allowed Mystery Incorporated to take over an unused junk room for their office.[9]

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The gang discovered the Dragon in a computer room here, before they were bailed out by Blue Falcon and Dynomutt.[10]

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City Hall was burned by Brad Chiles and Judy Reeves.[11]

When the Horrible Herd destroyed all Crystal Cove, people sought refuge in the City Hall.[12]

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  • The Crystal Cove City Hall may be a reference to the architecture in Santa Barbara, CA. Government buildings in Santa Barbara, such as the county courthouse, have a nearly identical California Mission Revival style design with white stucco walls and red Spanish tile roof.


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