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The Crystal Cove Caves are a group of caverns beneath Crystal Cove. On one level the original Mystery Incorporated vanished, while in another area, further down, there was a special door which secretly contained four elemental-based dimensions, with the last the holding the imprisoned Evil Entity.


Early history

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Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season one

Workers were digging in the Crystal Cove sewers when they accidentally made a hole in the wall leading to the caves. When they found a barrel of a "toxic substance" they opened it and were attacked by the Slime Mutant.  Later, the gang went in the caves; Daphne Blake found Judy Reeves's locket there.

Next they investigated Fruitmeir's and found a hole that led to a tunnel to the Crystal Cove Bank. The person behind the Slime Mutant had been using it for access to the bank. They used the caves for a trap for this monster, which failed.[1]

The gang explored the caves trying to find clues to the Ghost Truck. One of the caves was used to hide the crystal doorknobs stolen by the Ghost Trucker.

It turned out the Rung Ladderton had been stealing doorknobs all over Crystal Cove to find the one that is actually the Avocados diamond. [2]

Daphne and other volleyball-related prisoners were trapped there by the Man-Crab. The gang found them and freed everyone.[3]

The gang encountered the caves again after stepping on a pressure plate at the old Spanish Church. It opened a tunnel that led to the caves. They were about to enter, when the Obliteratrix attacked.

She was trapped by a falling chandelier, where she was unmasked. It turned out the culprit wanted to get Professor Pericles to help them, weakening his defenses on his piece of the Planispheric Disk .[4]

Finally, the gang was able to locate the cursed treasure in the caves using a GPS. They were about to look inside, when Professor Pericles came and tried to take the piece, but he was stopped by the Freak of Crystal Cove, which took the piece and got away. Fred kicked the chest, triggering a booby trap which flooded the place and washed the gang out to the cliffside.[5]

Season two

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