The Crossword Puzzle Ghost was the disguise of an unknown villain.

Physical appearance

He was a nearly-bald Caucasian male, with one huge, pointed tooth. He was dressed in black with gloves and a cloak.


He was obsessed with puzzles, enough to construct a crossword puzzle for the gang to solve that gave away a major secret of his.

Skills and abilities

He was skilful in making crossword puzzles and trap doors.


Scooby-Doo (DC Comics)

The gang solved his crossword, which identified which book opened the secret door to his hiding place. Then they switched the book to a different place to trick him into trapping himself.



  • He was never shown out of his disguise.


Crossword Puzzle Ghost: Before you try to open the secret door, I must warn you that only one book is the key to open it. It will take cross words to find it.

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