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Crocker Pitt was the assistant to Dr. Sprocket.

Physical appearance

Crocker is a middle-aged Caucasian male with black hair symmetrically parted in both sides (showing his broad forehead), big ears and nose, small eyes, prominent cheekbones and chin, and a thin Salvador Dalí-styled handlebar mustache. He wears a beige turtleneck coat under a petrol-green trenchcoat, gray pants and black dress shoes. 


He seemed genuinely devoted to his job and the development of the sports car, but it was merely a façade that masks his greedy persona. Pitt also wouldn't stop at anything in accomplishing his plans and to remove anyone who tries to stop him as shown he kidnapped Shaggy and Daphne during the climax.


The New Scooby and Scrappy Doo Show

Crocker Pitt umasked

Pitt unmasked.

He stole the blueprints for the XYZ Sports Car, and dressed up as the Specter of Sports Cars to make the car look bad. He also tried to frame Ingrid Ignition for his crimes, by leaving a remote-control glove with her initials on it.


  • Crocker's overall appearance, notably hairstyle and mustache, mildly resembles Surrealism artist and painter Salvador Dali.


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