This article is about the incarnation from Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated. For other versions, see Creeper (disambiguation).

The Creeper was the disguise of Deacon Carlswell, a bank manager, and is a part of Crystal Cove Spook Museum's exhibit of famous local ghosts and monsters. The Creeper costume served as inspiration for Alice May when she created the Ghost Girl disguise.[1]

Physical appearance

The Creeper is a male with pale skin, brown hair, and black eyes. He stands and walks partially hunched over and his face is someone lopsided. He wears a dark purple suit, tattered around the sleeves, with a much darker purple shirt.


Creeper is a menacing and monstrous brute, who uses his size and appearance to terrify others.


Early life

Deacon Carlswell unmasked

Deacon Carlswell unmasked.

Bank manager Deacon Carlswell used the Creeper disguise to commit robberies but was thwarted by Mystery Incorporated.

Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season one

Alice May used the Creeper's costume as the basis for the Ghost Girl costume. She also planted pieces of the original Creeper costume in the Carlswell Crypt at Crystal Cove Cemetery and in her backpack at Crystal Cove High School to lead Mystery Incorporated to believe that she was Alice Carlswell. [1]




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