The Creature from Chem Lab was the disguise of Toby Wallace, a student at Hillside High School.

Physical appearance

The Creature from Chem Lab was a green and slimy monster with powerful crab-like claws. It had yellow eyes, one of which was usually squinted shut.


The creature was fierce and aggressive.


Early life

Some of the faculty and students spoke of its return as if it had been at the school before.

The New Scooby and Scrappy Doo Show

During a sporting event at the gym at Hillside High, the creature came out of the chemistry lab and entered the gym, scaring everyone away.

Toby Wallace unmasked

Toby Wallace unmasked.

The Scooby-Doo Detective Agency showed up at Hillside High to investigate. While Scooby-Doo was bouncing on a trampoline in the gym, he was grabbed by the creature. Scrappy-Doo threw a basketball at him, causing him to drop Scooby, who fell into a basketball hoop. Shaggy Rogers got him out and the three ran into the laundry room. The creature followed them in, but Scrappy pushed a laundry cart toward him, knocking him out a window. He dropped a floppy disk.

While Daphne Blake went to the computer room to find out the contents of the disk, Shaggy and Scooby smelled the scent of food coming from the home economics room, so they went in, hoping to eat some of it. However, class was already over, and instead they found the creature. It cornered them against a wall, but took off when Shaggy mentioned Daphne having gone to the computer room. The disk turned out to be a copy of Star Puppy, a video game. The creature did not show up at the computer room as expected; instead, Professor Marsden did. Outside of the computer room, Daphne and Scrappy rejoined Shaggy and Scooby. Shortly afterward, they ran into the creature, who chased them into a locker room. He found Scooby hiding in a locker and chased him until he was backed against a wall. Scooby pressed a button which triggered the school's bell, causing a crowd of students to run by, trampling the creature. He was unmasked to reveal Toby Wallace, who was pirating computer games and wanted to scare people away so that his operation would not be discovered.


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