The County Museum workers were assistants in Mr. Wickles's art forgery.

Physical appearance

The pair of museum workers are slightly overweight middle-aged Caucasian males. They look very similar, but can be disguised from one another by their hair color: one has black hair and the other has brown hair. They wear matching dark green pants, jackets, and hats, along with grey shirts and black boots.


They were diligent in their work, although this may have hidden their secret goals of profiting from art forgery.


Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!

Season one

After the gang brought the deserted crate with the suit of armour inside to its intended destination, the County Museum, Mr. Wickles ordered two men who were awaiting his instructions to take it to the medieval room.

Later Mr. Wickles pretended to be the Black Knight brought to life to scare the kids away from finding out he kidnapped and was using a hidden place in the museum to do his art forgery. He was inevitably caught, and when the sheriff came to arrest him, the two workers from before were uncovered to be working with Mr. Wickles too.



  • It's unknown how they were apprehended. The only logical explanation is that Mr. Wickles ratted them out, so he didn't take the fall alone.

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Werner Abrolat German
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