The Cost Rican Museum is located in Costa Rica. It is curated by Dr. Armando Gutierrez.


  • Cine Grande Theater
  • Mine


What's New, Scooby-Doo?

Season one

It hosted a dinosaur exhibition featuring the bones of the Gigantasaurus. The Dinosaur Spirit had been terrorizing the museum visitors, resulting in a large amount of damage.

When the gang arrived at the exhibition, they were first given a tour. The exhibits included a moon rock scene and abandoned mining tunnels under the museum. They were then brought to the Cine Grande Theater to see a showing of J.J. Hakimoto's 3-D movie. The Dinosaur Spirit emerged from the screen and terrorized the exhibition, causing more damage.

The gang later discovered gold in a once sealed mine tunnel. This was revealed to be the motive of Luis Cepeda and Heather Lane in controlling the Dinosaur Spirit. They created the creature to scare people away from the gold and hide it until it could be sold on the world's black market. After they were arrested, the gold was used to pay for the museum's repairs.



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