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Cindy is the sister of Jimmy.

Physical appearance

Cindy is a prepubescent Caucasian female, with blonde hair held pigtail bunches. She has an orange shirt with black stips on the shoulders and a blue collar.


Cindy is a bit boastful and prideful compared to her brother. Usually, she's almost close to spilling the beans before her brother gives her a look to tell her to stop. Nevertheless, she shares the same spite against the racing community like her brother and is willing to help. She's also good at robotics like her brother as she was able to control the Skeleton Driver without any problem.


What's New, Scooby-Doo?

Season three


Cindy unmasked.

She helped her brother Jimmy ruin the race because she wanted to be in the race also. She helped operate the Skeleton Driver robot by remote control.



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