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Chikara is a fortune teller at the amusement park, KISS World.

Physical appearance

Chikara wears a toga-like dress and a green cloak. She is perpetually barefoot, even when she goes outdoors.


While she means well, Chikara had a flair for overdramatizing things and rarely actually talked through her proclamations. This could cause her to get irate in the middle of a discussion and storm off.

Powers and abilities

  • Precognitive sight: Chikara claimed to be able to see into the future better than Starchild could. This was actually confirmed by Spaceman who claimed the only time she had been wrong was a matter of degree.


Scooby-Doo! and KISS: Rock and Roll Mystery

Chikara first appeared when she arrived to warn KISS that she had foreseen something bad would happen due to the presence of the gang. She knew the secrets of the origin of the Rock of KISSteria and thought that the real Crimson Witch was trying to get it so that she could unseal the Destroyer. When Velma and Spaceman came to ask her about the witch she showed them several pages in a book she had and described the origin of the Destroyer and the Rock of KISSteria.



  • "Chikara" is Japanese for "power"; Chikara is named after a Japan-only compilation album of KISS, released in 1988.
  • Chikara has extensive knowledge of KISSterian history, however her face does not have the distinctive black and white patterns of a KISSterian. How a human came to know so much is unknown.
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