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Charlene was the fake fiancée of Luis Otero, but her real love was for Mr. Smiley.

Physical appearance

Charlene is an adult Caucasian female with a slim figure. She has bushy blonde hair and wears a pink blouse and an apron over her blue pants. She also wears a yellow bangle on her right wrist and red earrings. After she was unmasked, she wore the fake museum guide's suit and still applies dark pink lipstick.


She seemed really keen on Luis, but it was all part of Smiley's scheme. When she was unmasked, she was very cruel to Luis, ridiculed him for being a "peabrain" romantic, and expressed her true feelings to Smiley. Despite this, she was a little dense when not realising that being caught meant going to jail next.


Scooby-Doo! and the Monster of Mexico

Charlene unmasked

Charlene unmasked.

She ran a cafe in Veracruz, and also disguised herself as a museum guide and as El Chupacabra to further Mr. Smiley's schemes.



  • Although Charlene may have appeared as an unfaithful lover to Mr. Smiley, he himself was of course aware of this since it was a part of his scheme. (From the point of view of Luis, however, she was unfaithful in pretending to want to marry him when she still loved Smiley).

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