This article is about the animated Eric Singer. For the real musician, see Eric Singer (musician).

Catman is a member of the rock band/cosmic superhero mystery-solvers, KISS.[1]

Physical appearance

Catman is a reasonably short and muscular male, with dark brown hair and black eyes, which turn a glowing green whenever he uses his powers. He has makeup on his face, resembling a cat's face, with two lines resembling whiskers, a black nose with a grey spot on the middle of it, and black around most of his eyes, with his eyelids being green. He also has red lipstick and has a thin line that goes from his nose to his lips, and connects his lips with the bottom two lines. He wears a black costume, that opens up around his chest and the majority of his stomach, around the opening in his costume, he has a grey pattern, almost resembling a shooting star. He also wears a black choker with a thin grey line going through the middle, and multiple small grey lines going through that, as well as a silver triangle going underneath his choker.


He was a kind person who wanted o help. He has the typical personality of any member of KISS other than Demon.

Powers and abilities

  • Flight[1]
  • Cat-like powers: Catman is quick and agile, being able to climb across buildings. He can also roar, and can create green energy claws from his fingers when he scratched at things.[1]
  • Teleportation: Via a confetti grenade.[1]


Early life

They're descendants of warriors from KISSteria, who locked the Destroyer in a volcano. Like their ancestors, they're sworn to protect the Rock of KISSteria from being found by the Crimson Witch, the Destroyer's creator, and releasing the monster again. They then (somehow) became the biggest rock band on Earth. A cover story was made, where they received the Rock of KISSteria as a gift from Detroit, under the name of "Detroit Rock". They even had an amusement park made after them, where the Rock of KISSteria was kept on display at the Hall of KISStory, until it got to Halloween, and they take it on tour with them.[1]

What's New, Scooby-Doo?

Season two

They were hired to perform at a costume party in Banning Junction on Halloween night. When the Ghost of Hank Banning showed up at the party, they indirectly helped save the day by continuing to play.[2]

Scooby-Doo! and KISS: Rock and Roll Mystery




  • While Catman and the members' second appearance in Rock and Roll Mystery does not outright contradict their previous appearance in A Scooby-Doo Halloween, it does cause hard to miss conflicts.
    • The real-world identities and realistic designs in the episode are dropped in favour of highlighting the alter egos of KISS; they're reinvented as glam rock superheroes from an alternate dimension, and they only go by their nicknames. It's ever so slightly possible that the film just expands on what wasn't known in the episode.


  1. This only applies if KISS' appearance in A Scooby-Doo Halloween is still canon. While "Eric Singer" wasn't actually used, "Paul Stanley" (Starchild) was.