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The Cat Creature was the disguise of Meadow, an old acquaintance of Shaggy Rogers. Its purpose was to distract the people at the International Dog Show so that the thugs Meadow hired could steal Chrissy's puppies, known by their owner as the Secret Six. Meadow wanted these pups stolen so that they couldn't compete with Meadow's own dog, M'Lady Moonbeam, when they grew up.

Physical appearance

The creature is extremely tall and large, appearing muscular. It is covered in dark grey fur, and has claws that are shown to be incredibly sharp. It has glowing yellow eyes and vicious sharp teeth. The cat creature makes monstrous noises similar to that of a mountain lion. Its strong, muscular legs allow it to jump and pounce incredibly high, but Daphne Blake later reveals that the creature's jumping ability was powered by triple-jointed spring loaded legs worn by Meadow.


The cat creature is ferocious, agile and cunning, knowing to tear at the voltage circuit at the dog show so it could attack people in the dark. The creature works alone and likes to stalk people, much like a real feline, before it attacks them. Ironically, the cat creature's personality is the polar opposite of Meadow's actual self, with Meadow being portrayed as quite hippy and kind.


What's New, Scooby-Doo?

Season two

Meadow unmasked.

Meadow wanted her dog, M'Lady Moonbeam, to win the dog contest so she dressed up as the Cat Creature, with her dog dressed as Scooby Doo, and hired two thugs to kidnap the Secret Six. After she was unmasked, it’s likely she, Scar and Skull were arrested and her dog was disqualified from the dog show.