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* Physical appearance; clothing.
* Personality.

The caretaker was supposed to manage the home of Professor Spooky in his absence.

Physical appearance

The caretaker is an elderly Caucasian male, with a long nose and chin, as well as, puffy cheeks. He is bald on top, with bushy white hair around the back of his head.


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March of Comics

Instead of just doing his job, he pretended the house was a hotel and used trick rooms to prank guests (in order to drive them off and pocket their money). Since the house was out-of-the-way, he also put up a fake bridge-out detour to steer travelers his way.

When the gang figured out what had happened, they came back disguised as "Dr. Franklinstein" and assorted monsters to scare the caretaker and drive him away. This was exactly the sort of thing Professor Spooky hoped would happen when he wrote to them.


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