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Captain Skunkbeard was the disguise of Biff Wellington.

Physical appearance

Captain Skunkbeard, as his name implied, had a long scraggily beard marked with a white streak. He wore a red pirate hat and a large red greatcoat. Despite being a withered zombie, he was nonetheless rather robust and intimidatingly large.


Captain Skunkbeard was an archetypal pirate captain: an audacious, vicious, cruel and greedy bully. He did, however, have a superstitious streak and got nervous when faced with something he does not understand. The Captain seemed to hold his crew in high esteem, and they in turn seemed fanatically devoted to him.


Scooby-Doo! Pirates Ahoy!

Biff Wellington unmasked

Biff Wellington unmasked.

He was led to believe (possibly hypnotized) by Mr. Mysterio to believe he was the reincarnation of the old pirate and that he needed a meteorite to go back in time. Actually, Mysterio wanted the meteorite because it was solid gold.



Captain Skunkbeard: Who dares enter the Bermuda Triangle? Ye have crossed paths with Captain Skunkbeard, and now ye shall pay the price!


  • The official name "skunk" was not widely used for the creature, Mephitis mephitis, until the late 18th century. As a (presumably) Carribean pirate, Skunkbeard's heyday would have been at least fifty years before anyone knew what a skunk was. (Note: As it is revealed the character was an invention of Wellington and Mysterio in the modern time, this may be moot.)
  • The term "Bermuda Triange" was first coined in 1964. Again, far later than an authentic Carribean pirate would have heard of the term (see qoutes).

In other languages

Actor Language Notes
Pierluigi Astore Italian
Øyvind B. Lyse Norwegian
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