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Captain Cutler, also known as Dr. Cutler, is a criminal and a reoccurring antagonist of the gang, who has escaped them on many occasions.

Physical appearance

Dr. Cutler is wearing a brownish-gold coloured diving suit (with his neck covered in seaweed), completely hiding what he looks like underneath. He also wore gray and light gray boots. He also apparently wears a diving helmet underneath his diving helmet.


In Season One, Cutler is depicted as impatient and sarcastic after the gang foils one of his schemes. Captain Cutler is depicted in Season Two as a polite but untrustworthy con-man, a talented actor, and a master schemer. He also seems to know exactly how to appeal to the gang's strengths and weaknesses (including Fred's love of mystery solving and reliance on trust and teamwork) to further his own plans.


Be Cool, Scooby-Doo!

Season One

Dr. Cutler was captured by the gang for trying to steal gold from the bottom of a lake, but realized his plan was incredibly boring after the gang, and the police grew sleepy listening to Velma Dinkley explain it. When Fred Jones received a message from Chuck Mangum asking for help, the gang and the police left Dr. Cutler standing on the dock and he was able to escape by diving back into the lake.[1]

Dr. Cutler was present at Fred's trial before running away and diving while still being in a courthouse.[2]

Season two

Fred described Cutler as an ongoing adversary of the gang, apparently having escaped them many times. Cutler appears as the owner of a restaurant named Something's a Little Fishy, and asks the gang for help in solving the mystery of the Ghost of Half-Beard, who has supposedly been terrorizing the coastline and scaring off all of Cutler's customers. Fred, initially hesitant, becomes willing to work with Cutler at the prospect of solving the mystery, however he still remains suspicious of Cutler and keeps a close eye on him. Eventually the gang is able to locate Half-Beard's lost treasure at the center of the island, at which point they are attacked by the Ghost of Half-Beard. Cutler is able to use his diving helmet to knock the Ghost out and save them. The gang then unmasks the ghost and reconciles with Cutler, just before he escapes with the treasure.

(Cutler later writes a letter to Fred explaining his plan. In truth, he had orchestrated the plot in order to trick the gang into helping him recover the treasure. To accomplish this, he first sent them an advertisement for the restaurant, then hired a woman named Karen to pose as the ghost (promising her half of the treasure if she succeeded). He had also made an agreement with the restaurant's real owner, Oft-Injured Willy, making it so that Cutler could pose as the restaurant's owner in exchange for half of the treasure. Cutler also placed special place mats around the gang's table so as to put them on the trail.)



  • Captain Cutler is based on the incarnation in the Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! episode A Clue for Scooby Doo, where he pretended to be his own ghost to steal yachts (helped by his wife).
  • Captain Cutler was supposed to be a running gag where he would assume different titles, such as Dr. Cutler his first appearance. Although this never came to fruition (aside from a cameo in The People vs. Fred Jones), the basis of it was brought back for The Curse of Half-Beard's Booty, but without the context of it being a running gag, the joke is lost.
  • Cutler's personality and voice change between his first and last appearances, the latter of which is because of change of voice actors.


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