This article is about Captain Caveman from the animated film SCOOB! For the original incarnation, look here.

Captain Caveman is a superhuman caveperson and personal protector of the third skull of Cerberus.

Physical appearance

He is a short humanoid with overgrown, overflowing and highly unkept dreadlocked hair down to his kneecaps, except for his lower arms and legs. He carries a large wooden club with painted in tribal markings as his go-to weapon of choice. Inside the club, resides a miniature dinosaur with a mallet-shaped head.


He is cheerfully condescending, as seen when he instantly assumes Scooby-Doo and the Blue Falcon have tiny brains and couldn't understand him. He is also prone to violence, attacking and Scooby and Blue Falcon and wiping the floor with them. However, he is quite devoted to his duty of protecting the Cerberus' skull, as he has protected it for countless years and refused to give it up, even when Blue Falcon told him it could easily get stolen.


Early life

Coming from unknown beginnings in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, Captain Cavemen was destined to use his superheroic abilities to protect the third and final skull (which he dubs Slaghoople) of the legendary three-headed demon dog, Cerberus, on the island surrounding Messick Mountain, and had been doing so for countless amount of years.


One day, he encountered mystery-solving dog Scooby-Doo and the superhero Blue Falcon whom arrived on the island where the skull was located to retrieve it. After some wacky banter, he brought them to the skull, only to reveal the only way he could give it to them was by defeating him in combat. The caveman wipes the floor with the two, forcing Blue Falcon's cohorts, Dee Dee Skyes and Dynomutt, to intervene and take down the caveman themselves.

Captain Caveman as a member of the Falcon Force

Captain Caveman as a member of the Falcon Force.

He was eventually recruited by in into the Falcon Force with Atom Ant, Jabberjaw and Grape Ape.



  • Unlike his original counterpart, he does not have his usual speech impediment nor any of his catchphrases.
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