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Calvin Curdles is a maker of "healthy-flavored" ice-cream (the flavors include liver, onions, broccoli, and buttered Brussels sprouts), who wants to turn his Cone Castle business into an empire.

Physical appearance

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He's quite determined to buy the castle by any means and his false dream of expanding his business makes him look greedy and selfish, but in reality it was all for Alma and hopes to rebuild their love. He also really dislikes Velma Dinkley for getting in his way.


Early life

Years ago, he operated an ice cream cart for the tourists who visited the castle. That's where he met Alma and they fell in love.
Calvin as a sherbet jockey

Calvin as a simple sherbet jockey.

However, he thought that he needed to become a bigger success to win her heart and left the castle, but became too busy with his new business that he never returned.

Scooby-Doo! Abracadabra-Doo

He once loved Alma Rumblebuns, and he wished to buy the O'Flannery Manor in order to give it to her (though he pretended it was for business purposes). He was suspected of being behind the Gryphon in order to force the school to close.



  • Calvin Curdles is a pastiche of Colonel Sanders.
  • He doesn't like Velma, for getting in his way of buying the mansion and for figuring out his true motive.
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