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The Caliph is the present ruler of Arabia.

Physical appearance

The Caliph is a relatively small male, with a skinny head and arms. He wears a large turban with a jewel on it, and large Arabian shoes, in addition to a pair of large coke-bottle eyeglasses. But when he falls and completely breaks his glasses, showing his eyes are usually squinting and closed.


The Caliph seems a little naive and somewhat of a nerd, and initially does not approve of Shaggy Rogers and Scooby-Doo as the Royal Food Tasters (after they eat his lunch), but later doesn't mind them after Shaggy's cover is blown from impersonating a harem girl in the harem. He enjoys listening to stories, and is looking to choose a wife with certain qualities he is looking for. He also suffers from vision problems (not unlike Velma Dinkley), and when he breaks his eyeglasses, he does not bother with them anymore, and thus remains unable to see clearly.


Arabian Nights

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