This article is about the late Rebel soldier. For his fake ghost, see Ghosts of the Leland Brothers.
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* Physical appearance; clothing.
* Personality.

Caleb Leland was a Rebel in the American Civil War, and the brother of Union soldier, Jed Leland. A ghost projection and costume was based on his picture, to boost Crawdad Mike's business.

Physical appearance

Caleb is a Caucasian male with long brown hair. He also wears a Confederate soldier's uniform, as he joined the Southern side of the Civil War. He is taller than his brother, Jed.


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Early life

The real Caleb Leland dueled with his brother Jed, who supported the Union. Both died as a result of the duel.

What's New, Scooby-Doo?

Season one

Crawdad Mike designed holographic projections based on the 'ghosts' of Caleb and Jed Leland, and eventually wore an actual disguise based on the former brother. He wanted to make his Rattletrap bus tours more exciting and attract more tourists. He did this with the help of his bus driver, who drove the bus onto a hidden switch in the graveyard of Leland Gables and activated a holographic projection. When the gang got too close, he and the driver dressed up in costumes to capture Daphne Blake and turn the detectives away.



  • Considering the brothers look identical, they may be twins.
  • Caleb Leland as a ghost has an eyepatch on his left eye, though he did not have one in life.