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The Butler 3000 was a robot built by Elton Ploy, and later controlled by Mallory O'Neill.

Physical appearance

The Butler 3000 was a tall robot covered in lights, which changed colors depending on his mode (red for evil and blue for nice).


He was originally designed to help mankind with everyday chores such as washing the dishes and cleaning house furnitures. However, he became a violent and ruthless killing machine after being tampered with.

Powers and abilities

While in helpful mode, the Butler 3000 was outfitted with many cleaning supplies. However, he was also equipped with dangerous weapons such as buzzsaws while in evil mode. He had technopathic abilities, which allowed him to control other robots and machines. Built-in jet propulsions allowed the Butler 3000 to fly.


Be Cool, Scooby-Doo!

Mallory O'Neill busted

Mallory O'Neill is revealed to be the saboteur.

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  • The Butler 3000 shares some similarities to Charlie the Robot.
    • Both were tall robots.
    • Both were sabotaged by the culprit for a good reason.
      • Mallory O'Neill sabotaged the Butler 3000, since she feared that she would be replaced and get kicked out of her job.
      • Sarah Jenkins sabotaged Charlie since she believed that robots were dangerous should not be near children.
    • During the chase in the simulation room, the Butler 3000 morphs into Charlie.
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