Buster McMuttMauler is a dog catcher who is obsessed with the Doos.

Physical appearance

When first appearing in the flashback story in "Curse of the Collar" wore a white dog catcher uniform with a cap. Later on in season 4, he wore a tan dog catcher uniform with a brown cap.


Buster is a crooked dog catcher. He's shown to dislike dogs, and loves to corner helpless puppies. His favorite targets were dogs with expensive collars so that he can illegally sell the collars for his own profit. He was also willing to hurt Scooby to get revenge on the Doo family.


Early life

Buster once antagonized a small puppy, which invoked the wrath of Scooby's parents. They chased him into the back of his own truck, where his boss confronted him for stealing expensive dog collars. Buster was then taken to prison. But that was not before he swore revenge, claiming he would come back for the Doos and their collar.

A Pup Named Scooby-Doo

Season two

Mr. Trixenstuff decided to impersonate his ghost (even though he wasn't really dead) because he wanted to steal the Doo family collar for its jewels.[1]

Season four

He tried to puppy-nap Scooby-Doo as an act of revenge. He tried to either catch or hurt him several times, but, they always backfire. But, he vows to get Scooby even if it takes him forever.[2]