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Burr Batson is a racer who was never humble.

Physical appearance

Burr is a Caucasian male with brown hair. He always wears a red T-shirt and a brown cowboy hat.


Batson is shown to be extremely arrogant and prideful. He likes to taunt Mystery Inc., perhaps even more so Fred Jones, believing himself that he'll win. He also doesn't play nice as shown when he tried to knock the Mystery Machine off the road. However, his traits are often to be his downfall, as in both cases, his vehicles get destroyed by the monster and nearly fell victim to them as a result.


What's New, Scooby-Doo?

Season two

When he sabotaged the Mystery Machine (he was the one who poked a hole in the fuel tank with a screwdriver at the gas station), it made him a suspect for being the worm monster, but he was innocent. Afterwards the worm monster bit off the steering frame off his truck where the Mystery Inc. saved him and his truck ended up blockcading Diablo Gulch. After cursing the worm for destroying his truck, he mangaged to get on it and ride it like a bull only for the worm to bury itself back into the ground taking Burr with it. It was not until Gibby was unmasked as the worm that Batson managed to climb out of the hole.[1]

Season three

The way he drove a monster truck also made him a suspect for being the skeleton racer, but again, he turned out to be innocent. During the race when Batson was in the lead, the skeleton racer ambushed him and ripped off the hood of his car from the frame.[2]



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