Bud Shelton was the mascot of Trickell's Trickquid.

Physical appearance

Shelton is a short, stocky caucasian male with brown hair and black eyes. His hair is somewhat shaggy, and small amount sticks up on top of his head. Shelton also has a distinct mole pattern on his left cheek and a gap in between his front teeth. He regularly wears turtleneck sweaters, but also appears in costume as the Trickell's Trickquid mascot. The mascot costume looks like an oversize bottle of Trickell's Trickquid: light blue in color with the company logo on the front, along with blue sleeves, white gloves, and light blue and white striped pants.  The costume is completed with a yellow bowtie.


He may not be completely sound in mind, as he didn't care to go the official route by suing Peter Trickell for stealing his new water, instead opting the quicker route of ruining the business by kidnapping all the volleyball girls off the beach.


Early life

Bud Shelton created a beverage that he intended to call "Bud's Bloosh," but before he could finalize his work, Peter Trickell took credit for the drink and branded the product around himself. Ultimately called "Trickell's Trickquid" and marketed as a "non-fat liquid diet no calorie gluten-free moisture supplement," Shelton was reduced to portraying the company's advertising mascot.

Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season one

Bud Shelton unmasked

Bud unmasked.

Shelton wanted to get revenge on Peter Trickell for stealing his work. Using the Man-Crab disguise, he disrupted a volleyball tournament sponsored by Trickell and abducted Daphne Blake, Brenda, Dylan Ryan, and a volleyball player. He also planned to have Skipper Shelton take the fall by making a locker where the Man-Crab equipment was hidden appear as if it were the Skipper's.

When the Man-Crab was revealed to be Bud, Daphne asked why he hadn't called a lawyer and Bud replied that it would have taken too long. Bud was then arrested by Sheriff Bronson Stone and his men.



  • For unknown reasons, Bud Shelton is credited as "Bud Coleman".
  • Velma Dinkley's research on Bud brought up an old picture of him and Mr. Trickell when they were kids, yet in the present, Bud is only just a teenager, and Trickell is middle-aged.

In other languages

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Daniele Raffaeli Italian
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