Buck Masters was the owner of Big Red, a champion show dog.

Physical appearance

Buck Masters is a middle-aged Caucasian male with brown hair and a thick mustache. He wears a dark green suit with a blue dress shirt and black western style bowtie. Masters also posed as a ghostly witch doctor wearing matching brown fringed shirt, pants, and moccasins along with a red and maroon witch doctor's mask and matching belt.


He seemed rather concerned about who dognapped Big Red, even offering a reward to anyone who could find it, but was only throwing himself off of suspicion.


Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!

Season one

Buck Masters unmasked

Mr. Masters unmasked.

Buck Masters owned Big Red, a champion show dog who was stolen during a wave of dognappings. The gang approached Masters after he offered a $500 reward for the capture of the perpetrators. He told them that he had been given a ransom notice and was concerned for the safety of other dogs and dog owners, especially Bob Miller and his prized Great Dane. Masters had warned Miller, and had been assured that Miller would stay near a police station while out with his dog. The gang used Scooby as a decoy for Miller's dog and were led to the Indian village hideout, where they came face to face with a ghostly Indian Witch Doctor. After gathering clues and trapping the Witch Doctor, they revealed that Masters was posing as the doctor and was behind all of the dognapping.

Masters, out to win the upcoming dog show by any means necessary, sought to dognap Big Red's competitors, even staging the theft of his own dog to avoid suspicion. He would ensure that Big Red would conveniently reappear before the show, making him guaranteed first prize dog. Masters was arrested for the dognapping and attempted fraud.



  • Buck Masters and Bob Miller have the same initials.
  • Though not stated, the fact that Masters contacted Bob Miller to "warn" him about the dognappers and was able to learn Miller's dog walking route means that it was likely an intentional ploy by Masters to get information. As an apparent dognapping victim, he had all the credibility required to gain the confidence of Miller and learn about his security precautions. Masters may have employed such a tactic with the other show dog owners.
  • It's unclear what relationship Mike and Indian Witch Doctor/Buck Masters had, but it was enough that he knew the former by name.
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