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* Physical appearance.

Buck Bender was an ex-football coach who disguised himself as the Rambling Ghost as well as Mr. Ellsworth.

Physical appearance

Buck Bender is a middle-aged man with brown hair, eyebrows and a mustache.


Not much is known about Bender's personality, though it can be presumed that he is very much vengeful. He was bent on getting even with Mr. Prentice to a point where he was willing to risk the lives of the star players he had kidnapped and locked in a small room.


Early life

He was fired from his job as coach of the Hawks football team by Mr. Prentice and swore revenge.

The Scooby-Doo Show

Season one

To get revenge, he dressed up as the Rambling Ghost, a player from the 1930s who once cursed the same stadium the were playing at after he was booed away, and kidnapped star players of the team. At one point when Mystery Inc. chased Buck, as the Rambling Ghost, into the scoreboard he posed as Mr. Ellsworth, the scoreboard operator, to throw them off and put suspicion on Bulldog Pertowsky who happened to be hiding in there at the same the Rambling Ghost had entered.


In other languages

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