Bubbles is a member of the Powerpuff Girls.

Physical appearance

Bubbles has blonde hair and blue eyes and, like her sisters, an oval-shaped head. She wears a blue dress, with a black belt, with black shoes and white stockings.


The "sweetest" of the Powerpuff Girls, Bubbles tends to be more of a lover than a fighter.


Cartoon Network Magazine

After waking up early for smiley face pancakes, she discovers a note announcing that her father's been kidnapped. Together with her sisters and Mystery Inc., they're able to track him down. Although the culprit behind his kidnapping first appears to be the Mayor of Townsville, it's soon revealed to be a disguise for Mojo Jojo. However, her sister recognizes a peculiarity in Mojo Jojo's speech, leading to the discovering that this is another disguise, worn by Old Man Withers. With the villain apprehended, she joins her sisters, father, Mystery Inc. and the real Mayor in a pickle party.



Bubbles: Doggie! What a cute little doggie!
Scooby: Rittle?

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