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* Physical appearance; clothing.
* History.

Brunch is a hunchbacked monster. He was in the service of Count Dracula, who referred to him as "Brunchy" (more often in annoyance). He and his less intelligent partner, Crunch, were often assigned with carrying out their master's plots; together they were called the Hunch Bunch.

Physical appearance

Brunch resembles a Caucasian adult male, with black hair. He wears an orange and blue stripped t-shirt. He also wears a monocle.


He is more intelligent than Crunch and talked with a posh English accent.

Skills and abilities

He was a good pilot. Dracula never let Crunch fly the Batcopter, only Brunch. His best plans often wound up ruined due to his bumbling partner.


Scooby-Doo and the Reluctant Werewolf

Brunch and Crunch were tasked with exposing Shaggy Rogers to moonlight, and thus turning him into a werewolf. After two failed attempts (at his house and the grocery store) they finally succeeded at a drive-in movie. After the transformation was complete, they picked up his car with the helicopter and carried him to Dracula's castle.

Shortly thereafter, Dracula ordered them to ensure that Shaggy did not win the race. They turned to the helicopter once again. Brunch's many schemes included picking up the car, covering the road with wet cement, and changing the road signs. None of these succeeded, however, either due to Crunch or Scrappy-Doo. In the end, Shaggy won, and Brunch relieved himself of service to Dracula.


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