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Bridget LaNeige is the owner of the Winterama Sports Resort and former Olympic champion.

Physical appearance

Bridget wears a red, white and blue tracksuit with the letters U.S.A., a red dress during the puppet show and has long blonde hair.


She's cheerful and compasionate to others wanting them to feel like at home. She would want Gordon Ticktockery to take snowboarding lessons to cover his free time.

Powers and abilities

She has the skill of a champion skier during her time in the Olympics.


Early life

Bridget and her best friend and roommate Hun Strelbing were on the same team in the Winter Olympics, she took Hun's place when she wrenched her knee and won the gold medals in the Olympics two years in a row. She used the money she won to buy the resort and hired Hun as the head of security.

She won the Blizzard Diamond at the Anne Tique's Auction House.

Scooby-Doo Case Files

She called the gang to the resort to find out who's been sending her threatening letters.

She watched Paolo Pegetto's puppet show when the rouge Scooby puppet suddenly jumped on her lap, she thought it was all part of the show until the puppet stole the Blizzard Diamond and fled the theater.

She took part in the gang's trap to catch the puppet by wearing a fake diamond, the puppet was captured and unmasked as Gordon Ticktockery who wanted the diamond as revenge for losing it to her at the auction.


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