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Bradwick Haverall is a former wealthy socialite, who became a limo driver.

Physical appearance

Bradwick is a Caucasian male just slightly taller than Fred.  He has brown hair and dark eyes.  During the episode he was seen wearing two outfits - excluding his disguise as the Headless Count.
When he arrived at the party he was wearing a dark grey suit with a light blue shirt, dark blue tie and brown shoes.
In his party costume as the King of England, Steve ("that name's not final"), he wore a gold crown with inlaid gems, a red full length cloak with white trimming, light grey shirt with dark grey knickerbockers, long white stockings and black shoes.


Bradwick has a very high opinion of himself, and is happy to let everyone else know it.  He is driven to win, and is prepared to cheat to attain his goal.  When his fortunes declined, he was also prepared to steal from the other party guests to maintain his lifestyle.


Early life

Bradwick Haverall revealed

Bradwick's scheme as the Headless Count is uncovered.

He's an old childhood friend of Daphne Blake.

He won the Annual Wuthering Monster Mystery Party five consecutive times because he cheated by looking at the Master Mystery Book. He blew all his fortune, and became a limo driver, but kept it a secret.

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In other languages

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Edoardo Nordio Italian
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