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Bogel is one of the two ghosts who wished to trick a mortal into opening the Chest of Demons. His partner is Weerd.

Physical appearance

Bogel is a small humanoid who is plump and round in appearance. He is opaque rather than transparent or translucent, and seems to have fur, despite being a ghost. Often times his physical form acts similar to that of a normal human being's until he remembers (or is reminded by Weerd) that he is indeed a ghost, not a living being. He has a large nose similar in colour (albeit greener) to his body, and has simple white eyes with black pupils.


Bogel is Weerd's even more incompetent partner. He has a tendency to forget he's a ghost at all. He also often questions his partner's plans, sometimes completely giving away their scheme. While both Weerd and Bogel are both used as comic relief characters, Bogel tends to have more comedic lines because he is seemingly dumber than Weerd. He seems to follow Weerd's lead most of the time, and has similar goals and wishes as him (even if Weerd needs to explain things first). While ultimately meant to be a villain, Bogel is rather harmless due to his incompetence, and even joins the gang for one episode (even if only as part of a scheme). 


The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo

Bogel and his partner are the two ghosts who tricked Shaggy Rogers and Scooby-Doo into opening the Chest of Demons. Weerd and Bogel were convinced that if they were to get a mortal to open the Chest of Demons, they would gain some sort of acknowledgement and recognition from their fellow more powerful (and more competent) ghosts.



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