For the Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated Dr. Zin's henchman, see Bobo (Heart of Evil).

Bobo the Clown performed at Velma Dinkley's 5th birthday party.

Physical appearance

Bobo has green hair and a large red nose, with white makeup around the eyes and red around the mouth.


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Early life

Velma loved her present of a complete set of encyclopedias, but he thought they would be more fun if they were put through a paper shredder and turned into confetti. This gave Velma a long-term coulrophobia (clown fear/averison).



Bobo: Hey, hey, hey, pumpkin. Bobo here, and I saw those yucky books you got as a present. But good news. Bobo knows how to make fun with books! Who's ready for confetti?

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