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The "bobby" is a police officer at Scotland Yard.

Physical appearance

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The bobby cop is suspicious and dismissive of any potential ghost activity, but he does accept claims that he can verify fairly.


Scooby-Doo and Guess Who?

Season one

The bobby cop interrogated Mystery Inc. about why they were on top of one of the lion statues at Trafalgar Square. After hearing that they encountered the Screaming Skulls of London and Crackpot Sherlock, the Bobby got word that Mystery Inc.'s bail had been posted and advised them not to leave town. The Bobby later resurfaced when he and his fellow police officers arrested the security guard and the beefeater guard.[1]

He arrested the antique dealer.[2]



  • "Bobby", also known as "bobby cop" and "peeler," is a slang term for the London Metropolitan Police.


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