Bob the Beekeeper was a criminal.

Physical appearance[]

Bob is an adult male with black hair, bushy eyebrows, a large nose, and a mustache and beard. He wears glasses and was only seen wearing his bee man costume.


Not much of his personality was shown other than he was mad when caught.


Scooby-Doo and Guess Who?[]

Season one[]

After the gang caught the Bee Man of Alcatraz. Fred was going to unmask him, but was interrupted when Shaggy suddenly gets a phonecall from an old, rich friend who requested him to be his caddy at a golfing tournament. After that a helicopter arrives to pick up the gang, and Shaggy informs them that they must go, so they unmask him quickly to reveal Bob the Beekeeper and the police take him away. As the gang fly away, Bob says the "meddling kids" catchphrase, but due to the helicopter, they couldn't hear him.