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The Blue Falcon is a masked vigilante who fights crime alongside the super-dog Dynomutt.

Physical appearance

Blue Falcon is a Caucasian male (with a very large chin). He wears a blue suit with a large red “F”, a blue cape, a mask in the shape of a falcon’s head, a yellow utility belt, and yellow boots.


He is a gritty and violent vigilante, willing to sacrifice anyone to catch his prey. However, he is not totally heartless, as he will also do anything to save his dog.

Skills and abilities

He is strong and has superb martial-arts skill. He has a grappling hook and swing-line.


Early history

Radley Crown

B.F. as civilian, Radley Crown.

He was once Radley Crown, a security guard with an interest in birds. After his dog Reggie was nearly killed by a dragon-suited intruder and transformed into the cyborg dog Dynomutt, he donned his own costume and became a dark crime-fighter.

Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season two

He encountered the gang after trailing the Dragon to Crystal Cove.[1]



  • The original version of this character first appeared in Everyone Hyde!, a cross-over with the original gang.
    • This Blue Falcon's personality is more akin to Frank Miller's incarnation of Batman than Adam West's compared to his original incarnation.


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