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Blue Falcon, also known as Brian, is a vigilante who fights crime alongside the dog wonder, Dynomutt. He took the mantle from his father Radley, the original Blue Falcon.

Physical appearance

He wears a blue and gold falcon suit with a big red "f" on his chest.


He has good intentions and is friendly, although he has a deep sense of self-importance and is often very conceded. He is not very bright when it comes to plan-making and who he should trust. He is weighed down by the stress of trying to be like his father although, he learns to be his own person and trust in his abilities.


Early life

After his father retired to Palm Beach, Brian took on the role of Blue Falcon. Even though he had it in his DNA, he still felt like a failure next to his father before him. He thought that he needed a hero moment and strove to get it.


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